Published on 18.08.2019

Improve customer satisfaction with geolocation, what do you think ?

Gain and retain a customer become more and more difficult, Free2Move Connect Fleet geolocation solution is a reliable and precise tool for companies who wish to improve and strengthen customer satisfaction.

With geolocation, you can follow trips of your teams and identify itineraries that are the most appropriate, analyse downtime and hours spent to customers, know geo-distribution of visits and better manage ressources allocated to this or that area. It is also an efficient solution to lower disputes linked to invoicing of customer interventions. 

Hence, you control your activity in real time and are close to your clients' needs : management of tours is streamlined, trips and travelling time are optimised, field activity is better supervised, the collaborator that is the closest to a point of care can be called in emergency and then saves time. The traceability of actions, respect of deadlines and a better responsiveness allow making your service more efficient, time saving and profitable, while improving your company image and customer satisfaction.  

To discover how to optimise your fleet with Free2Move Connect Fleet solution, contact one of our experts.

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