Published on 19.08.2019

Want to do something good for the planet ? Adopt eco-driving for your fleet ! EN EN EN EN

You wish to reduce the accidentology rate as well as your CO2 footprint ? And if we tell you that in addition you could lower your fuel budget at the same time ? 

In choosing Pack 2 Eco-driving of Free2Move Connect Fleet solution, you contribute to your sustainable development approach in gratifying your CSR commitment and in empowering your drivers. On the online platform, you can find information concerning driving behaviors of your drivers such as accelerations, breakings, sharp turns, etc. as well as fuel consumption. Those data coming from the embedded telematics of your vehicles give you a clear vision of your fleet's environmental impact through graphs, evolutions and podiums also allowing your drivers to challenge themselves.

Thanks to dashboards, your drivers are aware of their way of driving and trips' impact, encouraging them to adopt a drive that is more responsible. This awareness is accompagnied by a reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 footprint. Thanks to these measure tools, you can train, animate and engage actions of awareness to better communicate on eco-social responsible policies lead by your company and lower risks of accidents. Trend indicators and tracking of these figures also help to follow and manage in the long run results of your actions and to add value to your commitments for the environment and collaborators' security.

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