We've been supporting our customers to travel efficiently from the very first day.

Free2Move is born in 2016 from the desire to offer everyone maximum freedom of movement by using a vehicle at the desired time regardless of its mere ownership.
Free2Move belongs to the PSA Group, which has 130 years of experience in mobility.

In the new era come new mobilities. With 3 billion smartphones circulating all over the planet and 55% of the world's population living in urban areas, we are experiencing a revolution linked to the digitalisation of lifestyles and the rapid transformation of travel conditions.

By 2030, 30% of travelled distances will be with a shared vehicle and one third of all drivers will be registered for a mobility service. In light of this transformation, the PSA Group is extending its ambition beyond its historical business as a car manufacturer to become a mobility service provider. And the Free2Move brand will meet this challenge by addressing the mobility needs of professionals as well as individuals.

Executive Vice President of Mobility and Connectivity Services on the PSA Group Executive Committee

Manage your company's mobility; liberate your employees' one

For companies, Free2Move aims to optimise the use of fleets and reduce costs in order to provide easier mobility for employees and operational efficiencies for businesses via:
  • Long-term rentals with associated services (Lease)
  • The car-sharing service (Fleet Sharing)
  • Connected fleet tracking with real-time data (Connect Fleet)

We create flexible mobility services tailored to your needs around the world

For individuals, Free2Move innovates by combining car-, bicycle- and scooter-sharing services into a single interface. The brand has also launched its car-sharing service in major cities such as Paris and Washington to offer mobility anywhere and at any time. Located in North America, Europe and Asia, Free2Move already has more than 1.5 million customers and has quickly established itself as one of the leaders in the mobility market.
These services are independent or can be combined together. So... you are free to choose!
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